Our History

Mongolian Community Association of Colorado (MCAC) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is home to over one thousand  Mongolian – Americans who reside in the Denver metropolitan area and other cities of State of Colorado.

Our roots are traced back to 1993 when “The Colorado-Mongolia Project” was initiated by James Wagenlander, Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Denver. Its main goal was to bring Mongolians together who were residing in Colorado and to support each other. Inspired by the project, a group of socially active friends had recognized a need to mobilize this growing community and  to inspire them to become active members of society. In 2002, a new community organization was born and named the Mongolian Community Association of Colorado (MCAC). We strive to serve and protect  the common interest of over 1000 Mongolians residing in Colorado.

It is our goal to empower Mongolian – Americans with educational tools and support to maximize their potentials for a better life and to help them succeed in their social, economic, educational and professional goals. 

MCAC strongly values volunteerism and partnerships that are essential approaches to effectively implement our programs. We work closely with the Honorary Consul’s office, Ulaanbaatar-Denver Sister Cities Committee and other local nonprofit organizations, specialty private clubs, businesses and individuals. 

What We Do

MCAC empowers the Mongolian – Americans community through:
  • Organizational and leadership support 
  • Cultural program which is aimed to preserve history, culture and heritage of Mongolian community 
  • Educational program which is aimed to empower the community to become active members of society
  • Networking program which is aimed to enhance personal and professional collaboration of the community for US-Mongolian relations and development  

Who We Are

MCAC is a volunteer-based organization.  All our members and supporters donate their valuable time,  knowledge and expertise to achieve their common goals.

Organizational Structure:
Administratively MCAC is divided into three bodies: President, Board of Directors and an Advisory Group. The President is elected by a Board of Directors for a term of one year. The Board of Directors meets monthly. It is composed of elected members representing local nonprofits, specialty private clubs and other business groups sharing common interests of the Mongolian community. Serving as a MCAC board member is more than an “honor”, it requires leadership, representation, and commitment. Our board members are active supporters of the community they represent. 

MCAC membership is open to any individuals, institutions and/or groups who are socially active and wants to make a difference in the life of Mongolian-Americans. 

Our Partners

MCAC develops close partnerships with other local nonprofit organizations, private clubs and businesses such as (in alphabetical order):
  • Denver Sister Cities International
  • “Erdem” Mongolian School
  • Global Reach
  • Manduhai Center
  • “Mon-Ael” Mongolian Cultural Center for the Arts
  • Mongolian School of Colorado
  • Office of Mongolian Honorary Consul
  • “Tulga” Club

Mission Statement: "Our mission is to strengthen the Mongolian community through diverse educational, social and cultural programming. We achieve this goal by promoting friendship, networking and cultural diversity in our communities."

Board Members